Behind the Lens

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to a creative family, I always knew that I wanted to be in the artistic field. The stage was my second home. I sang in choirs and at coffee houses. I have been in musical productions with several theatre companies in Windsor including Theatre Alive, Windsor Light, Korda and Cardinal Music Productions. Sports also filled a large part of my time having played hockey, baseball and even done rock climbing.

Photo Credit: Nicole Vallance Photography

"When your heart jumps every time your camera locks focus...you've become a photographer." - Mark Denman

The Journey

Books were a huge part of my childhood. My favorites were the coffee table books with big glossy photos of animals, people and places from around the world. I couldn’t get enough! Seeing this interest my parents gifted me with a Crayola film camera {yes FILM!} at the age of 5. I took that camera everywhere! Family members loved to pose for me...

photo: photography, film camera, 1 kid

1998: Sisters!

Well...most of them did

photo: uncle, film camera, 1 adult

Fast forward to 2020 at age 28. Crayola paved the way to Canon and photography now consumes my life. I have been actively photographing theatre productions since completing the photography program at St. Clair College in 2017. In December 2019 Neighbors of Riverside magazine did a cover feature article about me. I have also been the photographer for the Hocktoberfest girls hockey tournament. My work has been in 519 Magazine, Eyes on Windsor, and Biz X Magazines. My true passion however, is photographing families. After all, that's how I started!

Photo Credit: Nicole Vallance Photography