My interest for theatre photography peaked long before I even had launched my photography business. I remember being in community productions and being so excited to see photographs from our shows. Even shows I wasn't in, I was looking forward to seeing the images. In the back of my mind I wondered what photographing theatre was like but never in my wildest dream did I think I would ever do it someday.

Flash forward to 2016. I knew photography was sometime I wanted to pursue, but wasn't sure how serious I was yet. During the summer of that year I took the Beginner Photography Course at St. Clair College, under the direction of Windsor known photographer Ted Kloske. That class really opened up my eyes and everything just clicked!

In the fall Korda Artistic Productions was posting online about their upcoming show God of Ecstasy. I'm not sure why at that moment, but I messaged Tracey Atin. I said I was just getting into photography and was wondering if I could potentially photographer God of Ecstasy to help me learn. She told me to contact director Jeff Marontate. He agreed, and let me come to the final tech rehearsal.

Admittedly after now having my first show (photography wise) under my belt, I was really unsure to how I felt about it. I liked it enough to try again but I thought...that was HARD. I was still learning how all the settings on my camera worked together. Family sessions were different because with being outside, you have a pretty good grasp on how the lighting was going to be. But for theatre, it was far different than I expected it to be. Every scene the lights change, then you gotta factor in the constant movement. Whether it was dancing, fight scene, or simply just an actor walking. I started to look at the notes I took in class and started to ask myself; how do I capture motion without getting motion blur while the stage is dimly lit?

Winter 2016-Spring 2017, I was now taking the Intermediate photography course. I was sitting in class before it started when I asked Ted a few questions about photographing theatre. Every show is lit differently and every theatre has different lights. So it really was a matter of trying different techniques and finding the proper balance.

2017 rolled around and multiple companies began announcing their season of shows. I knew I wanted to try some of the things I learned in class so I began messaging and emailing the directors of the shows. The more I photographed shows, the more I felt comfortable and really began to love it. Every single show has been a different challenge. Plays are different because it's typically less movement and it can be easier to follow the actors. Musicals are the hardest. It's a matter of listening for musical cues and thinking "yup, this DEFINITELY sounds like a dance break." You will noticed if I have photographed your show I don't like to stay in one spot. You will often find me running around the auditorium to get wide shots, close shots and more. To be honest, sometimes I have to remember to photograph because I can get so caught up in watching a scene!

I give so much credit to theatre photography. It has taught me the most and I am so grateful everyday for the opportunities. Since 2016 I have shot 50+ shows in the Windsor-Essex Area. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful directors, producers, crew members and cast members who have had me coming out to photograph. It brings me so much joy to not only capture you on stage but to watch all of the incredible actors we have here in this community.

Theatre companies in Windsor-Essex: Arts Collective Theatre, Bloomsbury House, Cardinal Music Productions, Korda Artistic Productions, Windsor Light Music Theatre, Migration Hall, Post Productions, Windsor Dance Experience, Ghostlight Players, Tall Tale Theatre Company, Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts, Riverfront Theatre Company, Windsor Feminist Theatre, Revolution Youth Theatre, Monkeys with a Typewriter, Abridged Opera, Purple Theatre Company, University Players, Little Tomato Theatre Company, 401 Productions, The Edge Productions.

Korda Artistic Productions - God of Ecstasy 2016 (back when I went by Artsty Lens)

Cardinal Carter High School - Footloose 2017

Korda Artistic Productions - Vanya, Sonya, Masha and Spike 2017

Arts Collective Theatre - Dreamgirls 2018

Arts Collective Theatre - Hair 2018

Cardinal Music Productions - Catch Me if you Can 2018

Cardinal Music Productions - Les Miserable School Edition 2018

Korda Artistic Productions - Company 2018

Korda Artistic Productions - Strangers Among Us 2018

Post Productions - Equus 2018

Cardinal Music Productions - Heathers 2019

David Suzuki Public School - Seussical the Musical 2019

Korda Artistic Productions - Cabaret 2019

Lakeshore Academy of Fine Arts - Spamalot 2019

Migration Hall - Guys and Dolls 2019

Post Productions - The Pillowman 2019

Walkerville High School - Rhinoceros 2019

Windsor Light Music Theatre - Hairspray 2019

Korda Artistic Productions - The Fantasticks 2020