The Proposal - October 2018

Kurt and I use to work together. We were both full time and worked the same hours. Eventually Kurt found another opportunity but we stayed in contact. Through multiple game nights and hangouts is where I met his girlfriend, Madison.

Fall 2018 I got a Facebook message from Kurt saying he was planning on proposing to Madison and asked if I wanted to capture the moment. I remember sitting at my computer reading the message and just going "OMG OMG OMG OMG YES!!!!!"

Now, how do we get Madison there without giving anything away? Kurt and I chatted on the phone a few times, we worked out a "signal" for him to give me so I could be prepared. He told Madison that he booked me for photos for their 5 year anniversary because he knew she wanted photos of them.

We met at Ojibway Park. I treated it like any other shoot I would do with a couple. I remember always looking back at Kurt because I did NOT want to miss any sort of sign. It was a nice day in October, the leaves were changing color making it the perfect setting for a proposal. By the end of the shoot we came to an area in the park that had a tree that was over hanging on the trail. Kurt brought her over and the leaves framed them perfectly. Kurt looked at me and said "this location is just perfect." I backed up, got my camera ready and just waited. This was the moment, it was going to happen, AHHH!

Just like that, Kurt dropped to one knee and she said... YES! Madison looked and me and said "DID YOU KNOW THE WHOLE TIME?" Kurt and I then explained our conversations with each other over the past few weeks planning everything.

As a photographer I often get the question; "Do you have a favorite session?" Honestly, It's a hard question because all of my shoots hold a special place but being able to capture the proposal for two friends was amazing and it's something I will always remember!

Engagement Photos - 2020

Kurt and Madison now have a venue and a date. We then decided to do engagement photos. They choose to do them again at Ojibway. Ojibway is a beautiful park for photos at any time of year. It always looks different when you go. Sometimes you might get lucky and see some wildlife. We even tried to find the exact location Kurt proposed but now that with the trees looking different it was hard to find the same spot.

It was a gorgeous spring day, there was a nice breeze but it wasn't strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away. They wanted to be in the photos too apparently!