In 2018 I was contacted by Andrea of the MacLean family to capture their family photos. She was a referral from my cousin. We met in October (the best time of year to photograph) at the beautiful Ojibway Park here in Windsor, Ontario. Ojibway has lots of beautiful options for photos. Such as winding paths throughout the forested walking trail, a pond in the middle of the forest with a board walk and a small hut for bird watching. It is a hot spot for seeing deer, turtles, snakes and a variety of birds from chickadees to owls. Photographers are found here on a regular basis, whether it be to capture a session or to photograph nature.

When I met up with them, we connected instantly. Having the same sense of humor, we laughed throughout the entire session. Plus they said they were bringing their family dog, Atticus and bringing a dog is always a yes in my books!

October 2020 came along and they booked with me again and met at the same park. When I got chatting with Andrea she explained that she does family photos every year, every October. Sometimes she keeps it local and sometimes they have them done at their cottage. She said it is something that is super important to her. It is the one thing she asks for her family to do. She prints all of your favorite photos and hangs them on the wall until they get the new photos.

I think this is an absolutely fantastic tradition to have, especially when you have kids. Kids grow up fast! Just the difference from 2018 and 2020 their daughter had grown so much! I see people book sessions for their kids when they are toddlers, but often enough they don't do family photos when their kids are older. Why not? That is the time to get family photos done! Life changes on a regular and you never know what can happen year to year. As kids get older, they may go out of town for school or a job. When that happens it can be very hard to get your group together. Just having that 1 hour together can create so many memories.

Andrea told me something they like to do is come and bird watch, which is why Ojibway is top pick for them for photos. The photos below are of Andrea and her daughter feeding the birds. They brought birdseed and stood very still and silent. Within seconds they had birds landing on them and flying around. This is the kind of memory that photography captures!