1. Moments. Kids grow, families grow, the little 3 year old is now 13 and maybe you have a child that is going to be moving away for school. Even little things like remembering when your 7 year old had no front teeth! Photos are a way to freeze moments and give you special memories to look back on and remember. Just by looking at an image it can instantly trigger a memory and bring you back to that moment.
  2. Photos are fun! Photos are a simple way to put down electronics for an hour or so and just go out and have fun and connect! Photos are not meant to be serious, they are meant to crack jokes and be goofy!
  3. What is your story? Do you watch Saturday night hockey together? Do you enjoy going camping together? How about reading a book? Whatever it might be, every family has their own story and special activity they enjoy doing together. Let's capture that through photos.
  4. Location!! Location? That's right, location! Think about it, when choosing a place to do your family photos, I want you to really think about where you want them taken. It could be as simple as your backyard. Why? Because it's home! It could be a walking trail that you really like because you go there often, the beach or even a family farm.

5. They bring generations together. From newborns to grandparents and even great grandparents, family photos are a fantastic excuse to get everyone together. Sometimes you only see each other on holidays or special occasions. Why not make family photos a family reunion?

6. Home décor. This one may seem simple, but it's true! Family photos make for the perfect home décor. Sometimes when it comes to decorating our homes, we stumble on what to put up on the walls, when really the answer is simple; Print your family photos and frame them! They are the perfect home accessories to have. Hang them in the hallway, the living room, bedroom, above the fireplace or even have them put into a keepsake album for the coffee table.

7. Gives you an excuse to show off your new outfit. I get family life can be busy. Everyone is use to wearing work clothes and school uniform. Booking family photos makes the perfect excuse to coordinate outfits. Maybe you had an outfit tucked in the back of your closet that you haven't got the chance to wear yet. This is your time!

8. They are a great way to include the family pet! Let's be honest, the family pets are the ones that really run the household! They greet you when you come home and cuddle with you at night. They know when we have had a stressful day and know just what to do to make it better.

9. They make sure everyone is included! If you are a parent taking photos on your phone, tablet or camera at home, not everyone is included. The parents are often left out as they are the ones usually taking the photos. By booking a professional photographer it gives everyone in the household a chance to be in the images together as a family.

10. They make good gifts! What is a gift that Mom will want for Mother's Day? Family photos. What is sometime that the grandparents always love? Photos of their grandchildren. Photos make amazing gifts. Whether that be buying it in a form of a gift card for someone, or printing photos from your session and handing them out to family members or using them as Christmas cards. Especially when you have family that live out of town, it is something that will make them smile when they see just how big the kids are getting!

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