01 / 11

Let's talk date night!

Picture this; it's Friday night, you both finished a work week and cannot wait to start planning your weekend date night. You are trying to agree on a restaurant to either go out to or order in from. You are anxiously scrolling through Netflix going back and forth as to what you want to watch. Sound familiar? What if you did something a little different for a date. Why not a photo session? That's right, a photo session! Why?

Photos have this amazing ability of freezing time and capturing you for you. Photos aren't just about posing and looking straight at the camera. They are way more than that. If you enjoy picnics and drinking wine, then let's photograph you guys with wine glasses on a blanket with a basket. If you enjoy going for nature walks, then let's go to the woods. Let's make this date night, a night you can always remember!