01 / 08

All the worlds a stage

Theatre has been apart of my life for a long time. I remember being very young and going to see Windsor Light Music Theatre's 2001 production of The Wizard of Oz, a movie I grew up watching. I remember being so fascinated by the show and kept the program for awhile and often thought "how cool would it be to have my name in a program?!"

Flash forward to being 12 years old. There was a local summer theatre camp that happens every year. It was a week long and you were there all day and did a small show at the end. Now that I had the chance to be on stage I felt scared. But somehow I managed to put my fear aside and sign up for the camp. We put on a show written by the director. It was a 20-30 minute short play about the Looney Toons gang, I got the role of Sylvester.

That little summer camp made me realize I really liked being on stage. From there we found out about the Theatre Alive summer camp. That was a two week camp. Week 1 ending with a talent show and week 2 putting on a show, this one learning choreography, singing in groups, set changes and more. Theatre Alive was a well established community theatrical company and put on two major productions a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. From being in the camp it made me more confident and I auditioned for their Spring 2012 production of Chicago and made it into the ensemble. From there I was hooked on the theatre bug and have been in multiple shows with different companies since then.

After being involved in shows for awhile, I started diving into photography. I always loved seeing the show photos and wanted to learn how to photograph them too. I started messaging directors asking if I could come and photograph their shows. I explained I was learning and wanted to practice and see if I liked it. The first show I ever photographed was God of Ecstasy with Korda Artistic Productions.

Photographing theatre took a lot of patience and learning. You have to quickly change your settings from scene to scene and capture fast movement for dance and combat scenes. Theatre may be the most challenging to photograph, but I love being able to capture it!!!